Tuesday, October 31, 2006

`: Corporate Cultures

`: Corporate Cultures


Hi guys! Glad all the illustrators had introduced themselves and made themselves comfortable on the blog. I would like to invite illustrators to share and post their working habits, or their process of creating a piece of illustration. So here's mine...

I came up with this illustration, solely for the purpose of practicing while I have some time off to myself this month. To begin with, I came up with a theme, and after an hour going through various nature reference books, I was all set to go. The sketch was done with pencil on paper. Scanned on flatbed scanner at 360dpi.

The sketch was brought into Photoshop CS, and I choose to use photoshop's default brush setting to give me a consistent texture. Followed by deciding on creating simple lighting, tones and colour scheme for the illustration.

Almost done!
And finally everything seems almost in place, I added noise to the entire illustration to give it a matte finish.

Dear fellow illustrators, I value your comments, and I look forward to sharing more post like this one in the future! Happy drawing!

Monday, October 30, 2006

anyone interested to do an illustration for magazine?

hi, anyone interested to do an illustration for Young Parents magazine? its for Dec issue.

theme: to draw 6 people in the Santa's Toy Factory (pics will be provided).
deadline:first draft this week, final artwork mid of next week
size: A3
$$: $350
contact: rachel @ 97904520

Fashion: DontPanic.com

'The Devil wears...'
Support our furry frens.
Poster for Don't Panic.com, Fashion Issue

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Girls in graphic design

Hey - Pageone publishing has a call for submission to a new title called Girls in Graphic Design (release 2008). The books will feature collaterals and products like poster, flyer, pamphlet, brochure, name card, logos, bag, shoes, etc featuring girls in their graphic designs; and artwork (graffiti, illustrations etc). It will be a very exciting project as the book will be visually arresting with diverse works from the world over.

If you are interested in this project, please email the images (photos/artwork) to zijia_wong@pagenonegroup.com, along with your details (pls refer to attachment).

Deadline is end jan 2007.

More information: download pdf here

Never too late to reach heaven...

Finally get my ass moving...

Fate of a rockstar, view in your own perception. You decide.
Have a good sunday everyone. : D

Saturday, October 28, 2006


very exciting to see some of the stuff here plus the linked websites :p would anyone be keen in getting involved in a anthology of local comics? if so leave a msg or contact me at sonny123@singnet.com.sg

the image is the cover from issue 2 of slg-disney's "wonderland" series

please find the girl with yellow ribbon

this is what sokkuan and i did for IDA. please find the girl with the yellow ribbon.submit your answer and have fun!:P

allo allo

hi all

glad you created this blog! :p everything feels a bit random though - would it be possible to organise things a bit - say a section to discuss techincal issues, another for advice on contracts etc? :p

in any case, hope all's well! :)


wabbit posed nude for OIC

bobby wants to draw
Originally uploaded by white dog bobby.
hee hee and now my flickr is linked to OIC!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Happy Friday!

~i think he's a monster. and i think he's nude!
Let's draw monster nudity! :)
Happy to be here! Thanks for the invite.


The 20/20 Movement is back in Singpore after making its rounds at the London Design Festival.
The concept behind “20/20 Movement - Singapore Design Tour” is based on the fact that the Singapore design scene is moving, in a movement where both DesignSingapore and local designers are pushing boundaries.

It will be held at the foyer of the National Library (next to Hans restaurant)
Exhibition will start this Sunday 29 October.
See works by local illustrator Sonny Liew and Fleecircus (hah hah)!
Dont Miss It!

Let's draw nudes!!!:)

Thursday, October 26, 2006


oil & embroidery on canvas


ok!! now i sign up a blog, next will be painter software and wacom pad! walao...i'm 2 years late!

anyone like me?

i m a newbie in blog.hahaha... testing 1,2,3!!!:P

Box dog's adventures

Box dog says: Welcome charlene and kristal!

Proposed Illustration for Advertisement

Big thanks to Eeshaun and Andrew for the comments on this illustration.
You guys are very good for my ego!
Yes, i did this drawing completely in photoshop and paint it with default brushes settings, with a mouse ... sorry gang, i promise i will pick up ways of the tablet soon!

11" X 8", 380 dpi, Photoshop CS

happy hello weeny

lets draw monsters!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

DREAMDUCK sneak preview

Hello everyone. Here is a sneak preview of my latest online comic. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Hiee... a newbie here. Thanks for the invitation. It is really a sightful to see so many artists and illustrators congregated here to make make such a scene. I have enjoyed all your contributions too.

Here's one of mine made for "Animation Nation". It is not in print yet but soon. Love your comments!

Mixed media.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Ink and watercolour on toilet roll

My class drawings!

Hello i'm going to be ego here and post some drawings from my students which I was quite happy with from today's class on exploring shapes. Have a look!


the white dog turns green

i should get out more.... ;P

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Some subjects are just dying to get sketched!
Kitty sleeping on a balmy sunday afternoon,
just wished that it was me napping instead!
Hope other fellow illustrators had well deserved break over the weekend.
Thank you Eeshaun for the pixs and info.
Cant wait for more post from you guys!
So here's my contribution.
Happy holidays illustrators!

Pencil sketch on woodfree paper. coloured with Photoshop CS.

hello hello...is there anybody in there?

Tang Maohong

Hello - Lee and I were at Tanglin camp on friday to catch the Singapore Biennale. Here's an animation by chinese artist Tang Maohong that got me excited. Check it out if you're there or thinking of heading down. Last day Nov 12, opens till 9pm on fridays, 6pm all other days (image courtesy of universes in universe)

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Hello! i went to the mint toy museum today - highly recommended. $10 per entry for 5 levels of gorgeous vintage toys. It's at Seah street (opposite bras besar). Also while you're there check out Artvsts exhibit at Citygallery! (ending this month).


Hello OIC! It was a pleasure meeting you all. Welcome to our playground. Here are some ideas to kick this blog off. 1) Say "hi" in your own way. 2) Do a self portrait. Ugly also can. 3) If you could be a food today, how would you look like? Draw it! 4) Anything you find interesting.

Friday, October 20, 2006