Saturday, October 28, 2006


very exciting to see some of the stuff here plus the linked websites :p would anyone be keen in getting involved in a anthology of local comics? if so leave a msg or contact me at

the image is the cover from issue 2 of slg-disney's "wonderland" series


kuanth said...

very impressive portfolios!

F L E E said...

sound cool!

Sonny said...

hiya all

well several avenues to explore with the anthology - a group called ACAS (association of comic artist singapore) have been trying to get things started for a while, one stumbling block being a lack of contributors. If we can get enough material together, i could also talk to publishers like top shelf and SLG about it.

I'm hoping it can be an anthology that has more of an independent voice - something along the lines of drawn and quarterly. And the stuff i've seen here certainly suggests there's enough quality here to do something like that :)

so anyone keen pls let me know! :p

Beth said...

Love to contribute! I have a few comics i'm working on now. Count me in if you need contributors.

sokkuan said...

i like ur comic style! very jap retro! reminds me of tetsujin 28 and astro boy. ('u')

F L E E said...

Hi Sonny,
me again.
It the anthology series be something like FLIGHT comics?
i'll have to check on my deadlines before i can answer yes...(fingers crossed)

zeropointfive said...

I'm IN!!!!!!! It's about time!