Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Congratulations to OIC team and Invitation to the launch of Guai Wu The Chinese Elf

This is a long due post for Michael and everyone at OIC.

First and foremost, Happy Birthday OIC ... CONGRATULATIONS to Michael, FleeCircus, San San, Twisstii, Andrew and those I haven't met or got the name yet, but who has been working so hard on OIC, promoting illustrators from Singapore. Thank you and give each one of you a big round of applause. You guys rock!

Also congratulations to all of the participants of A6/Future show. Excellent work. So much energy in each piece.

Secondly, just want to let you know that Guai Wu The Chinese Elf, the picture book that I have been working on for the longest time, is finally out!

I have a launch for kids this Sunday (4th October) at Borders Book Parkway at 2pm and would like to invite all of you to come and join me and my writer Adeline Foo. Lee Kowling, another children's book illustrator-friend will be hosting her event for her picture book Georgette's Mooncake and The Beaded Slippers, written by the same author, this Saturday (3rd October) at Borders Book Wheelock at 2pm.

Thanks to Michael and FleeCircus again for advising on the colour scans. I have lots to learn from the two masters. :)

Keep inspiring!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Mid Autumn Inspiration 2009

A child lights up the mid autumn night with her hand-made lantern. There, she discovers hopes and there are better tomorrows to come by ...So calm and joyous.

Monday, September 28, 2009

advice needed on painting on metal surfaces

I'm looking for some advice on painting on metal surfaces - have a project where i've been asked to do some artwork/painting on laptops (aluminium surface) and some digital camera body cases (some kind of metal surface apparently "finished off with a thick, glossy lacquer").

- from what i understand metal surfaces require sanding and priming; but what sort of paint is applicable after that - acrylics? spray paints?

- is there a way of painting on the camera lacquer surface without sanding it down?

- and is there are means of masking of areas of line work besides the very manual way of applying the mask and using a penknife to remove the edges? i'm thinking especially of any printing processes that would produce ready-to-use masking material.

any advice or leads would be much appreciated! :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

OIC 3rd anniversary!! Call for submissions

Hi people- if you need abit more time especially for 3x3x30 pls do drop me a line or sms me. Looking forward to seeing more! Don't forget our show is this Sat 3rd. So we need your work in early to do collation and preparation. Do email me a good 300dpi 200% jpeg scan too of your submission via mediafire. See all details here.

Here is a kickass teaser. Photo by Fleecircus.
Small is indeed beautiful!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Illustrated Book as a Wedding Gift

Some illustrated pages of a book for an acquaintance who wanted to present it to her husband as a wedding gift. The book was to capture their shared experiences and aspirations. The story was completely her own and although the turn around time was tight, I had fun illustrating it. :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Yogurt Fiction

Same poster project. Berrylite is a yogurt franchise which uses hollywood-themed graphics, so i proposed a movie-themed design for their publicity poster.

Of course, i was totally biased in choice of movie :p

OIC 3rd anniversary!! Call for submissions

In preparation for our OIC 3rd anniversary events ( ), we are asking for all OIC artists to submit your designs for the following:

1. OIC 3x3x30 exhibition ( Hand drawn/ painted )
This is going to be very fun. See instructions listed here. We will be selecting 90 pieces of 3inch x 3inch art to be featured as part of our 3rd anniversary exhibition. The artwork will be shown at MAAD and Asylum.

2. OIC rubberstamp series for 2009/2010
Must have the "OIC" in the design
Keep it witty, cute and bold. Size 5cmx5cm 300dpi B/W art.
See current series here.

3. OIC Silkscreens series for 2009/2010
Something fresh n fun that says "YOU". Make your style shine ( and boomz if u like! ). Size A4 300dpi B/W art.
See current series here.

More specs and info will be put up by tomorrow. Please start thinking of your ideas and get ready to submit.
Deadline is 25th September. Submit via yousendit or mediafire to""
Pls add your name to the comments section to indicate what you are submitting.

Euro RSCG Singapore Wall Mural

Some of you guys might have seen this on my blog or on facebook. Mixed media consisting of Oil, Acrylic, Wallpaper Collage, Montana Spray paint on various surfaces. Took 3 months to complete and almost 60 metres of wall to cover.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

seasons : autumn

Series 3 of the seasonal girls : )

eric khoo is a hotel magnate

2 paintings from the series, currently up at Mulan gallery as part of the Lucky Plazas show.

Oil on canvas. 36x48 inches and 72x96 inches

非物之舞 / "dance of the in-animate"

非物之舞 / "dance of the in-animate" my contribution to Kult magazine "Artificial" Issue. Thanks to Steve Lawler for organising this.

Ink and photoshop.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

OIC @ A6 /future/ London Preview

The PREVIEW of the A6 show is up!! Thanks to Brian Tan and his UK team (creative [SIN]ergy). Do check out the show if you are in London. More info about the A6 /future show.

Will We Need To Leave Our House?
by Zeropointfive x Jingyi Ye

Collision With Death In Space.
by Wei Keong x Supei Ho

Who Will Be In Charge?
by Tow Fewings x Msxi

Globalisation... Or Random, Diverse, Shades Of Beauty?
by Supei Ho x Faded Crimson

In The Future, How Will We See The World Through Our Eyes?
by Stephanie Hosmer x Mindflyer

In The Future, Will We Be Telepathic?
by Sophie Kern x Zeropointfive

Who Killed All The Bees?
by Simon Spilsbury x Kuanth

What Kind Of Houses Will We Be Living In The Future?
by Sheryo x Tow Fewings

Will We Sell Our Organ In The Future?
by Seiji x Jacqui Mair

Where Will Water Be Pumped From In The Future?
by Sarah Hujie Cai x Seiji

Change Any Event by Using The Time Machine For A Better Today.
by Random Sunday x Brian Grimwood

What Will The Food We Eat In The Future Be Like?
by Msxi x Jitesh Patel

How Will We Talk To Each Other In The Future?
by Kristal x Sarah Hujie Cai

by Jingyi Ye x Eeshaun

Will Birds Marry Mobiles?
by Jacqui Mair x Wei Keong

With The Advancement Of Technology In The Future, Should We Find A Way To Bridge Our Language And That Of Animals?
by Faded Crimson by Max Ellis

The Future Of Religion?
by Eeshaun x Stephanie Hosmer

How Old Will People Live In The Future?
by Brian Grimwood x Sheryo

How Will We Harness Clean Energy From The Environment?
by Jitesh Patel x Random Sunday

In The Future... Where Will I Get My Next Glass Of Pour, Clean, Natural Water?
by Mindflyer x Simon Spilsbury

Will Mobile Phone Radiation Wipe Out Mankind?
by Max Ellis x Kristal

Where Will You Be In The Universe?
by Kuanth x Sophie Kern

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Spot illustrations for a poster layout. They were laid out separately in rows and columns in the design, but i thought to try putting them together instead as if they were on a table. Man, I got quite hungry while rendering these...

edit: included are examples of lienwork and base colour of the ice cream dessert.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

hello kidding!

Illustration for KULT Magazine based on the theme Artificial. Inspired by 2 frens: Nelson(thewebwhore) and Hazel (lastwarning). Hello Kidding~~

arty ficial

my submission for kult :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fleecircus For Kult Magazine

Here's my take on the theme "Artificial" for the next issue of Kult magazine
Do grab a free copy at most shops in town!

Pencil and Colour With Photoshop CS
Click On Image To View Details

Initial Sketch On Paper Before Colouring

commissioned tattoo

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Parka's forum for sale of artbooks

I am sure you must have been to Parka's blog (a Singaporean blogger that reviews art books). He has started a forum for Singaporeans to sell their art books, comics or even self published books. It's dedicated specifically only for art related books, and books only.

The forum's still new and you can check it out at:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Domestic Diva

Illustration for The Singapore & Malaysian Women's Weekly.
More artworks to come:)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Hyphen magazine

Charlene Chua - New work for Hyphen magazine about hipster scam artists.