Friday, September 25, 2009

Yogurt Fiction

Same poster project. Berrylite is a yogurt franchise which uses hollywood-themed graphics, so i proposed a movie-themed design for their publicity poster.

Of course, i was totally biased in choice of movie :p


Amanda said...

I like your sketch lines and the idea of using a movie poster! Would have liked to see her smile a slight bit though. :) Might have been even sexier.

pins said...

looks fun to do!
i'm sure it was an enjoyable piece.

was just curious zero,
would there be any copyright issue
cos this image is like pretty famous
and cult hehe.

i would love to do illsns
based on my fave movie posters.

: )

zeropointfive said...

heya thks amanda, ya i was too absorbed in making it look like the poster i forgot i could change it up like adding a smile heh...

hey pins,
i wish i could say i'm an expert in copyright but truthfully said, i think no matter how safe u keep it, there's always a risk as far as doing concepts like this. The trick is to minimize the risk. So some things to note:

- "similar-looking" does not mean "same". As long as you do not have mention of the exact original source identity in your design (like in text form), risk is minimized

- If it's a translation from realism (ie. photos, real actors) to illustration (esp when it's not photo-realistic illustration) it can be considered an "interpretation" or a "cariacature" and risk is minimized. Again, NO MENTION of related actor/actress names or related movie/product.

The most local example i can think of is phunkstudio doing "hamburglar" on a fourskin tee :) dunno how they got away with that heh heh....

pins said...

great insight thanks zero!

drewscape said...

nicely done!

dominique said...

very cool looking. Nice worn out effect around the edges too. Thanks for the tips on copyright..

sokkuan said...

it'll be sexier and more relevant to ice cream of she is licking her lips. :-p

zeropointfive said...

Sokkuan, omg i suddenly had an image of you in that pose doing that... Next time must pose like that for us to draw ah! :D

gd suggestion btw!