Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fleecircus For Kult Magazine

Here's my take on the theme "Artificial" for the next issue of Kult magazine
Do grab a free copy at most shops in town!

Pencil and Colour With Photoshop CS
Click On Image To View Details

Initial Sketch On Paper Before Colouring


zeropointfive said...

I love the intensity of colours though I'm not sure about having that many white circles around - a little distracting for me. The colouring on the fish scales is amazing! :D

OMFG, the base linework is fantastic! *kowtow kowtow* Seeing art like this makes me wanna fleeeeeeeeeee......

cherie the mrrr said...

your coloring is GORGEOUS--

Mr.B said...

Me like the fishessss!

F L E E said...

hey! Thanks guys! Very kind comments!

i'll draw Arowana fishes whenever i can get away with it! Its like a repeated masochistic way of learning to draw certain subjects at the back of my hand. So yeah, at the moment i'm still at the Arowana phase! :D