Sunday, September 20, 2009

OIC @ A6 /future/ London Preview

The PREVIEW of the A6 show is up!! Thanks to Brian Tan and his UK team (creative [SIN]ergy). Do check out the show if you are in London. More info about the A6 /future show.

Will We Need To Leave Our House?
by Zeropointfive x Jingyi Ye

Collision With Death In Space.
by Wei Keong x Supei Ho

Who Will Be In Charge?
by Tow Fewings x Msxi

Globalisation... Or Random, Diverse, Shades Of Beauty?
by Supei Ho x Faded Crimson

In The Future, How Will We See The World Through Our Eyes?
by Stephanie Hosmer x Mindflyer

In The Future, Will We Be Telepathic?
by Sophie Kern x Zeropointfive

Who Killed All The Bees?
by Simon Spilsbury x Kuanth

What Kind Of Houses Will We Be Living In The Future?
by Sheryo x Tow Fewings

Will We Sell Our Organ In The Future?
by Seiji x Jacqui Mair

Where Will Water Be Pumped From In The Future?
by Sarah Hujie Cai x Seiji

Change Any Event by Using The Time Machine For A Better Today.
by Random Sunday x Brian Grimwood

What Will The Food We Eat In The Future Be Like?
by Msxi x Jitesh Patel

How Will We Talk To Each Other In The Future?
by Kristal x Sarah Hujie Cai

by Jingyi Ye x Eeshaun

Will Birds Marry Mobiles?
by Jacqui Mair x Wei Keong

With The Advancement Of Technology In The Future, Should We Find A Way To Bridge Our Language And That Of Animals?
by Faded Crimson by Max Ellis

The Future Of Religion?
by Eeshaun x Stephanie Hosmer

How Old Will People Live In The Future?
by Brian Grimwood x Sheryo

How Will We Harness Clean Energy From The Environment?
by Jitesh Patel x Random Sunday

In The Future... Where Will I Get My Next Glass Of Pour, Clean, Natural Water?
by Mindflyer x Simon Spilsbury

Will Mobile Phone Radiation Wipe Out Mankind?
by Max Ellis x Kristal

Where Will You Be In The Universe?
by Kuanth x Sophie Kern


twisstii said...

awesome collection!

Mr.B said...

very very awesome!

andyyang said...

Hello Hello Bros and Sisters,

Really proud of you guys especially the Chairman "Mindflyer" for steering the OiC machine all this while. Good stuff!