Wednesday, September 23, 2009

eric khoo is a hotel magnate

2 paintings from the series, currently up at Mulan gallery as part of the Lucky Plazas show.

Oil on canvas. 36x48 inches and 72x96 inches


drewscape said...

good exhibition. You shld explain the title of your pieces here too.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Wah!! Is this some kind of social commentary??

Nice!! :)

sokkuan said...

OMG!! i love these!!!

Sonnybunni said...

thanks sokkuan! :) no explanation la, i'm going with 'it is what it is' :p

kuanth said...

i'm so gonna buy it if i have money. Pls print into postcards!

nice car said...


adeline said...


Amanda said...

It's really good! Nice work! :)

pins said...

hi sonny,

i love the pieces and the painterly feel.
i was just wondering why you used
"eric khoo is a hotel magnate"
as the title.

i'm quite partial to his films tho' not a big fan
and i know he comes from a rich family.
maybe tts why he can become a film director?

Sonnybunni said...

thanks all! pin - hmm the pieces touch on issues like the gap between public and private personas of politicians; many from privileged backgrounds but having to appear men/women of the people( not just in singapore) - i thought something similar goes on with eric khoo - rich background, but always making films about heartlanders. doesn't mean its wrong/hypocritical - just seems an interesting phenomena :)

pins said...

i never thought about that.
thanks for the insights.
i like it.

it makes me look at the paintings now again
with a different angle.

and makes me want to watch
royston tan's films again somehow

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Love your take on politics. I hope you sell all! fantastic paintings.

Skull Leader said...

Master piece!