Monday, September 28, 2009

advice needed on painting on metal surfaces

I'm looking for some advice on painting on metal surfaces - have a project where i've been asked to do some artwork/painting on laptops (aluminium surface) and some digital camera body cases (some kind of metal surface apparently "finished off with a thick, glossy lacquer").

- from what i understand metal surfaces require sanding and priming; but what sort of paint is applicable after that - acrylics? spray paints?

- is there a way of painting on the camera lacquer surface without sanding it down?

- and is there are means of masking of areas of line work besides the very manual way of applying the mask and using a penknife to remove the edges? i'm thinking especially of any printing processes that would produce ready-to-use masking material.

any advice or leads would be much appreciated! :)

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EJETC said...

You can give me a call.