Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Congratulations to OIC team and Invitation to the launch of Guai Wu The Chinese Elf

This is a long due post for Michael and everyone at OIC.

First and foremost, Happy Birthday OIC ... CONGRATULATIONS to Michael, FleeCircus, San San, Twisstii, Andrew and those I haven't met or got the name yet, but who has been working so hard on OIC, promoting illustrators from Singapore. Thank you and give each one of you a big round of applause. You guys rock!

Also congratulations to all of the participants of A6/Future show. Excellent work. So much energy in each piece.

Secondly, just want to let you know that Guai Wu The Chinese Elf, the picture book that I have been working on for the longest time, is finally out!

I have a launch for kids this Sunday (4th October) at Borders Book Parkway at 2pm and would like to invite all of you to come and join me and my writer Adeline Foo. Lee Kowling, another children's book illustrator-friend will be hosting her event for her picture book Georgette's Mooncake and The Beaded Slippers, written by the same author, this Saturday (3rd October) at Borders Book Wheelock at 2pm.

Thanks to Michael and FleeCircus again for advising on the colour scans. I have lots to learn from the two masters. :)

Keep inspiring!


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Congrats Christine :)- thanks and keep passing on the good vibes!

Really hope we can continue to inspire and push each other on to do bigger and better things!

F L E E said...

We are all here to learn, keep drawing, and do drop by and say hi when you have time! Good work Christine!

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Thanks Michael and Flee!
Do keep me posted ... email me ... FB me ... give me a chance to do something for you. :)

drewscape said...

congrats. the drawings look very good.

twisstii said...

congrats ! it looks awesome.

Amanda said...

Even tho the pages are taken at an angle, they are looking good! Congrats on your book! :)

zeropointfive said...

Congrats on your book launch! :D Nice job, do try to post a few illustrations directly? bit hard to see from the pictures :)

andyyang said...

Congratulations Christine! Good job! Juggling the kids and delivering this project in spades is no easy feat. ;-)

Torei said...

Congrats~! Looks good. I'll definitely try to get a copy. :)

moodytwoshoes said...

Congratulations, Christine!! The pictures look great - what a labour of love! All the best for all the launches and readings!! Will look out for your book at the bookstores! :)

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Hi Andrew, Twisstii, Amanda, Elvin (Zeropointfive) - Thanks!

@ Andy - Thanks again! You are just as inspiring!

@ Torei - Cheers!

@ SanSan - Thanks! I admire your work! Hopefully I get to collaborate with you someday!