Monday, February 12, 2007


"La la la...
200 beer bottles on the wall
200 beer bottles on the wall
take one done pass it around
199 beer bottles on the wall..."
Altogether Now!

Had a wonderful time doing this recycling bottle painting project with Snatch Thieves' Daryl and Amanda. And 90% of the bottles were adopted by the end of the event!
Looking at the pictures, they actually did have a character on their own!
Recycling is good for the soul....


drewscape said...

They are alive! alive i tell ya! Such a lot of work. but the outcome is really amazing. they are like a crowd of ppl queing for mcdonalds hellokitties. so fun to look at!

F L E E said...

Comment twice somemore!
Cannot be this nice hor!

eeshaun said...

hey this is great! it makes me wannna do a bottle...