Tuesday, April 24, 2007


It’s been close to 2 months since I had a decent "serious" post.
Due to the fact of work commitments and I decided only post works that I think that deserved a certain amount of "quality" control. In the midst of re-designing my website. I decide to come up with a decent Under Construction landing page.

Image 1:
I did the sketch with pencil, and scanned and import it to Photoshop at 360dpi. Next, I added basic colour to the drawing. However as it progress, I was unsatisfied with the outcome leaning tad too close looking computerize. So i did a few experiment with fountain pen ink on water colour paper and scan it into the illustration. I had always enjoyed combining natural media to computer in a way that both compliment one another.
Image 2:
As usual, i added more detail drawings upon the existed layered to make the illustration more intricate. Recently i developed interest in modern oriental approach to Chinese painting, and had been learning how to draw peonies. So i thought i could combine the latter to the illustration.
However, i think i will still work on this piece of illustration.

Comments are very much appreciated!


drewscape said...

The watercolour part maybe needs to be in colour coz its looking a quite sooty. I think the pose and colouring is real good.

zeropointfive said...

I love the intricacy anbd effort in the fitting of the flower into the fabric, as well as the fan fading into white.

Unsure about the watercolour spilling underneathe her on the floor, maybe cleaner/lighter might be better?

sei-ji rakugaki said...

i think the skin tone of the girl is too "muddy" somewhat and hence, the picture looks "grim" .Perhaps some experimenting with skin tone will help.. snow pale white skin might be more alluring...and I liked the way you are toying and experimenting around, using traditional medium and cg, as well sharing with us on your thought process.i enjoyed reading it.ganbatte!

twisstii said...

yes, I agree the watercolour "stain" at the bottom is kinda distracting. maybe if the angle is more slanted it fits better? *dodges arrows*