Tuesday, December 22, 2009

more links

And here are some links with some very inspiring works.

Firstly, Joao Ruas. He is the one that took over drawing Fables covers from James Jean. I'll leave it to you guys to see what's similar and what's different in their drawing styles. Also check out his blog.

Secondly, Jun Tsunoda. You'd probably classify her work as fine art. But I'm sure there are lots we illustrators can learn from her use colours, balance and shapes. From giving it a try, I think abstract paintings aren't as easy to create as they look.


AG said...

He's AWESOME!!!!
he's so awesome with gouache!!!

grr. been experimenting with it lately. his process posts gives me a better idea of how colors are layered. Thanks for posting!

kuanth said...

both Joao Ruas and James Jean's style look so alike.

drewscape said...

pretty similar. tho I think james jean's drawings have a more playful touch to them while Joao Ruas' work is a little darker and more serious. It looks like both are using the same technique of gouache paint monotones and photoshop overlay enhancements for fables covers.

andyyang said...

Nice work. Abstracts were never easy. Need to understand and experience the process of drawing and creating for a living.

pins said...

cool links!!!