Friday, March 09, 2007

Baby in Green

i forgot to post this up..i jsut started painting in photoshop and i wanted to share with u guys. thanks to lee for the nice invite.. this one is inspired by this post grunge band called Agnes Gooch.

she likes dirt
dirt dont hurt, too much.

she sees me,
at eighteen

baby in green
she likes the way i sing
to... her.

- Agnes Gooch


kuanth said...


sokkuan said...

i love her eyes! overall very refreshing! ('u')

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Love what u did for the face. Nice pencil brush!

But the green is way too raw leh imho :)

Hope u enjoy painting in Photoshop. I find it much easier than Painter.

sheryo a. said...

hello manda. it's really nice... its a change from your usual style and i really like it too :)

*manda said...

thanks for the nice comments : )
ill be sure to work more on my strokes..

for a moment that sounded quite weird..