Friday, March 02, 2007

plushie maadness this march!

we're excited about the plushie exhibition at MAAD this weekend, 3 & 4 march! i know this isn't very illustration but i know some of you are gonna be there with your plushies too...can't wait! our small selection is created for this exhibition and titled as above. see you guys there for another weekend of fun!!!! :D

we will also be selling an indie comic book titled "Pleased to Meet You" based on the inspiration of last month's art exhibition. pop by our stall and have a peek!


kuanth said...

your plushies are really really cute! i like!

F L E E said...

Kuan and Maki plush toys are out of this world! Kuan, you should sell yours!
Nice work on the runny nose elephant Maki!

drewscape said...

nice concept for the elephant.

maki ♥ squarepatch said...

xin is busying away with her crafting.

flee: we adore yours!!! your penguin looks like pingu...i like!

kuanth: are those plushies yours?? we saw some signed off as kuan. looks like your works. anyhoooo checked out your site before and am totally awed by it.

-enqi, who wishes she can even draw a banana well

kuanth said...

maki: actually i didnt go down to Maad, didnt even know if they put my name there.:P
n yes, those are mine i suppose.

flee:hai.... wait la, people been asking me to do, but... i m really more than lazy.:P

maki ♥ squarepatch said...

yes they credited you! it's very your it was easy to recognise :) -enqi