Monday, June 04, 2007



this is anngee here. *bows* thanks flee for the invite! and hi to everyone here.

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I like working in pen and ink. :D


sokkuan said...

welcome!!! your drawings are quirky! i like! please post more more and more! ('u')

drewscape said...

welcome anngee. like the fine lines and details in your style. post more. and bigger so we can all learn your secrets! bwahaha.

kuanth said...

cute! i imagine this can be developed into a storybook like Tim Burdon.

F L E E said...

heh! you're most welcome!
hey interesting post!
Your black and white illustration is very clean and full of intricate details. Everyone on OIC will be zooming in for a closer inspection! kaka!
Welcome to the blog!

AG said...

Heh. thanks! will post bigger in my next post :D