Thursday, October 11, 2007


I find this possibly the funniest super quick sketch I've done recently.

Ronald Mcdonalds with Den Fujita, Japanese founder of McDonald's Japan.

PS: I personally get the creeps when I look at Ronald Mcdonalds. I think he's scary! HE LOOKS EVIL!!!


drewscape said...

what do you use to colour? colour pencils and watercolour?

dawn t said...

watercolour. HAH. I know the colouring is too ''thick''

drewscape said...

no. its nice that it is so even and neet. watercolour sometimes is blotchy. learning.
but constructive critism, i think your character faces is still on the
"too simple" side. As in, its too easy to think of and therefore quite common. If perhaps you added somethng more or made it slightly more unusual, they wld look more interesting. but your colors are smack on.