Thursday, November 05, 2009

Scrawl studios hiring

Hi all, please help to spread the words around. Thanks

We are going to work on an international long format pre-school cartoon series and looking for people to join us. full time or contract basis only. no freelance for now. sorry

1 X location designer (draws all the backgrounds , different views etc, based on the script requirement) : Requirement: able to draw well and a good sense of perspective. knowledge of flash preferred

1 X production designer Lead( manages all the art assets for animation, from size relationship of characters to location and prepare them ready for animation)-supervise and ensure production designer meet schedule and do QC on the designer's work.

1 X production designer (same as above-minus the supervision role)

14 X animators>> able to animate in flash and ideally knowledge in toon boom software.
Requirement : love animation and can animate well.

Project will start between mid dec and early jan.Interested party, please email my colleague at

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