Tuesday, November 10, 2009

super scratchy

wonder how a person would land like a cat?


plue said...

Children nowadays always asking for more ..;p right bella?! ;p

nyway, nice stuff :D:D::D:D:D

Bella said...

D: D: D:

good one lol, almost spat my drinking water all over my keyboard, thanks dude..

(note to all: i was doodling this in the middle of drawing kids-oriented work.. its not for kids, its my own personal doodle!!!)

Amanda said...

I like the colors and the pose carries some nice curves. However, I couldn't help noticing the thigh that's further from us. It is less shapely and muscular compared to the thigh closest to us - Might risk looking a bit deformed.

zeropointfive said...

I love your composition and the minimalist colours :) nice pink!

but yea, watch that thigh and a bit of that chest sticking out weirdly heh