Sunday, May 06, 2007

bunny helmet- watch TV anywhere.

a study of craig mullins concept girl.

here's my version of it called
"bunny helmet-watch tv anywhere."
here's how it works the helmet she is holding
is actually a portable T.V. helmet thingy.
this way she would not miss any of her favourite tv shows.
the tall hat acts as a stool when she takes it off
and puts on her bunny helmet.

a rather bad doodle on studying craig mullin's concept girl.
but here's how it all started...
bad doodles.

and some WIP screen shots.
you can see the reference i used from craig mullins.
but most imptly the final should not look too much from the original.

havent been posting much finished work.
got lots of sketches and ideas in my lil sketch book
so stay tuned!



KUANTH said...

i think the final one looks a bit fat, where the sketches look just fine.

drewscape said...

take note on how the body weight is shifted to one side on the mullen's sketch. I like the canvas texture u created. the shadow on the floor looks messy. shldnt be so smooth maybe.

F L E E said...

Hey dude. Look.
I think you're trying to achieve too much in one drawing. I still think the proportion is a bit off. And in my opinion, you could try and practice in certain area first till you get good at it, then proceed to another. Right now everything you had there is fighting for attention. I recommend that you study and practice (like crazy) on the human elements first, for example study the head/face first. (And move on to texture lighting and character design.)
However, there is some improvement on your texture rendering, the helmet especially. Practice, practice and more practice.

pins said...

thank you all for the great comments and crits.
i'll work on them soon!