Tuesday, May 08, 2007

this time i tried woodcut style.

here are some of the series i did for a novel called 'diamond in my pocket'. fun to do! mindflyer, thanks for passing this chance to me! ('u')


F L E E said...

this is nice!
you make it so real!
Jacob biscuit tin, very nice.
Your attention to details still baffles me.
That's why SK rocks.

KUANTH said...

she sure rocks. she's crazy!

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Eh- Sokkuan- I ask u to have some fun not to ssssspoil market leh!!

Love the jacob tin and your crazy attention to details!

Very proud tht you did such a nice job!!
Keep spreading the good vibes!!

sheryo a. said...

this is so pretty and so very detailed,

you're crazy but i like! lol

pins said...

super nice!!!

sokkuan said...

thank you very much!!! let's 'spoil' market together!! i mean, let's shock the market with good work together!! ;-p

drewscape said...


zeropointfive said...

wa lau eh can die! more! more!