Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Daredevil! Supposed to be a Batman DC Licensing Gig, the project was dropped but i took it back from the graveyard and made it to Daredevil! Hope y'all digg!


dominique said...

That's pretty cool. For some reason reminds me of some of Dave McKean's work. Any chance of posting the original Batman version?

zeropointfive said...

nice mood nice rendering, same as the batman u did earlier on :)

jus nitpicking, the nose seems a bit fat/clumsy, needs more heroic definition in my opinion.

drewscape said...

very nice MRB. Looks very striking. I like that old paint style. Your composition gives this old character a fresh twist. very cool.

Mr.B said...

thks guys!

dom - Sorry man, i cant show the original for now.

zero - thks for the cric. yea the nose does look a bit too clean.

drew - thks man!