Tuesday, February 26, 2008

les courses

Gone shopping. Drew inspired piece. Hope y'all digg!


kuanth said...


drewscape said...

what? fan art for me? How did you do this? ink on photocopy paper and painter painted on top? your colours are good. but if you are veering toward a manga style, you shld pay more attention to the lines. The thick and thins. Lines make all the difference for this look. But it's a nice change to see your characters in different angles rather than just straight on.

Mr.B said...

kuanth - thks man!

drew - Inspired by ur art la! Its all digital : ( . Yea i agree on clean and varying lines, i cant get it but its on my stickies list : Explore Tomer Hanuka style.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Love your colour choices!! Nice

Love the spontaneity of the main character.

The horizon looks way too straight though. I can almost imagine Drewscape whacking my hands with a blunt instrument and yelling "OOi ! No Ruler!! " if I were to draw it! :D kekekeke

How long does it take to paint this image?
Thanks for sharing!