Sunday, February 10, 2008

Eeshuan+Pixelmunky @ Night&Day ( change of DATE!!! )

Finally.... The show we all have been waiting for, featuring our very own funky and colourful Eeshuan+Pixelmunky. Please make sure you make some time to check it out!!

Post in CulturePush.

Date: friday feb 22 2008 ( PLEASE NOTE )
Time: 7.30pm onwards
Venue: Night&Day Gallery


drewscape said...


indigo said...

Way to go, Beng!! I'll be there!

OneTwoDelta said...

Looking foward...!!

from pamm! said...

good job to both for super-filled opening night with many guests and good work on show ++ good to see some of you too:]


Thanks for coming down and support us : ) It was fun and a learning experience for us. We hope to collabrate more in the near future. Pixelmunky in Gardensilly 2? hehehe