Monday, August 25, 2008

all that glitters

stumbled upon the work of jamie vasta this morning. she paints with glitter. i was speechless with wonder.

also you can take a peek at her studio here
(grabbed these images from the above links)
colour palette and details:


drewscape said...

eye popping. such strange paint.

F L E E said...

Its a 80s revival !!
(the 80s never left!)

I would love to own one of her paintings!
But! I wouldn't want to touch it!
No amount of soap or lighter fluid can remove glitter completely. It sticks to your skin for weeks! I applaud her courage.

dominique said...

very cool..I like her landscapes, though can't see all of them (some links not working)

OneTwoDelta said...

Tats amazing!

AG said...

i wonder how it'd be to see it in real life? super bling! XD