Friday, August 01, 2008

My very first nude figure drawing session

I sleepily went for a 6 weeks figure drawing class. I had the idea that it was one of those take turns and pose sort of class. But I was SO wrong. Admist my half awake state, my lecturer walked in and announced that our model would be late. Lo and behold, I had signed myself up for nude figure drawing class! What a way to wake me up, really. Haha. But yes, it was good. My first attempt at nude figure drawing. I started off with really lousy drawings, but improved along the way. Here are the nicer ones.

These are all twenty minute sketches. I felt uncomfortable at first but about ten minutes into the session, I got carried away, and just kept drawing, contour after contour, line after line. There's really something about listening to Jazz and Big Band music while doing nude figure drawing. Very therapeutic actually.


drewscape said...

You joined coz you thot you'd get your turn to pose? hahaha

dawn t said...

NO LAH. Lol. I joined cause I knew I sucked at figure drawing so force myself to join and learn lo. Haha