Monday, August 25, 2008


Little did I know that Totoro Forest actually exists. The Totoro Forest Project is a fundraising event for national trust fund Totoro Forest Fund Foundation. It features many talented and acclaimed illustrators and artist including Sam Weber, Ashley Wood and many others. Above is the wonderful creation of Sam Weber. See more at their official website and blog.


F L E E said...

This is f**king amazing!
(pardon my french)

This is truly inspiring.
In the near future, OIC will support meaningful causes through using what we do best, Illustration. Meanwhile we have to "up" our standards and we certainly can learn from veterans like them; how to do it the right and tasteful way.

dominique said...

wow... inspiring indeed

AG said...

yeah, this project is AWESOME! i think it was co-founded by DICE Tsutsumi, who also started