Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Elseve Hair Fragrance posters

A series of posters for Nutri gloss hair fragrance. These were done in A2 size so these scaled down versions might not show some details too clearly, particularly the expressions of the animals. Hope you guys can still make them out..


sei-ji rakugaki said...

these are really nice illustrations but i think it may not work well as conveying the message though or makes more people buy the product......the idea of the pigs, ducks , fish being suffocated is kinda strange...make it a bit too painful;)

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

I agree w Seiji- off putting- concept wise- to me.

The effort is 10/10 though.
Is this a pro bono ad?

Is it 100% vector? Pls share on how its doen esp the hair- Looks like vector .


Torei said...

Wow. Cool stuff. Intensive linework. Amazing thu i got to agree with seiji that it look abit painful but never the less, nice.

Mr.B said...

thats hardcore.....WOW

zeropointfive said...

Aye it's a rather tad dark concept for retail ads, but it could could be ahead of its time :)

Technical-wise, the detail you put into the linework is amazing! Have to say it's certainly eye catching for me. How did you do it?

dominique said...
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dominique said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! yep this was a pro bono job.

The concept is unusual, and I had to re-work the animal expressions sometimes so they were less realistic and severe.

Everything was done in vector. I was still getting used to Illustrator and couldn't quite figure out how to draw curve points using the pen tool without dragging so I did this in Freehand. (It may seem like a simple thing but when I was working with probably thousands and thousands of points it meant a world of difference to be able to do it with just a click instead of a click PLUS a drag.)

Basically the general line work and flow for the hair was worked out in pencil. Then I filled in the details in FH section by section as I went along. The animals were worked into the illustrations after that.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Dom- if u need a walk thru in Illustrator- just let me knw- I switched from Freehand to Illustrator too. Boy was it painful. I was on FH since version 3. Illustrator since version 5.5.

The main thing I like about Illustrator is that is easier to get more organic lines. But masking is a royal pain in the posterior!!!

Did u use any blends for the hair?

zeropointfive said...

Heya Dom,

I've found it much easier to manipulate lines using photoshop by creating paths in photoshop. something about the interface that makes it easier than FH to put line points down and curve them quicker. The best part about it is that u can do it at very low res photoshop files and import them as FH lines when u export them as illustrat or (ai) files. it's how i do all my vector illustrations :)

haha nice to know i'm not the only one finding it hard to give up FH! :)

nice job again!

andyyang said...

waaaaa....bros! Illustrator is the bestlah when it comes to drawing organic vector. :-) by the way, Dom. i really like this series of yours. You might want to explore this organised freeflow style.

lilred said...

brilliant stuff man.

dominique said...

Hey thanks Mike! really appreciate that. I've been using FH since v4 so I understand the pain man... (and nope, didn't use blends for the hair.) But I'm learning Illustrator whenever I can now. Zeropointfive, I'm sure there're many more like us.:) Yeah Andy, I keep hearing all the great things about Illustrator, exporting, blends etc. Definitely have to explore further..
Thanks again for the feedback and comments guys.

pebble said...

wow~!! i think its a great concept and wonderful execution artistically~!!

commercial wise the fragrance has a kawaii bottle already right.. appreciate the cerebral appeal~!!