Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Illustrations with TBWA for BLU. Sokkuan & Andy

Agency : TBWA Singapore

Artwork done for print for BLU restaurant at Shangri-La Singapore. It involved Sokkuan, Michael Lui (legendary illustrator) and me. I managed to only get Sokkuan's piece and mine. If I am not wrong, Sokkuan's lobster piece was done in digital while mine was acrylic on linen. These are scanned pieces from a magazine. Quality might not be that good. So forgivelah. Sokkuan, do feel free to add comments to this post :-)Cheers!


zeropointfive said...

At first i was like "WTH is that?"

After reading the text i went OMG genius! Culinary abstract! And the flavour (pun intended) is so you! :D

Nice one man, really stretches/enhances the definition of what illustration is and can be! I love everything abt it from the blueberries to the acrylic cream!

Just wondering... Are you hanging the piece on ur wall now? :D Agency should buy it up!

dominique said...

I like the textures, very apt for the ad! How big was the piece?

andyyang said...

Hey Guys, glad you guys like it. One of those rare experimental jobs. It was a buyout. Last heard it was supposed to be hanging in Shangri-La. The size for the artwork is 118cm(W) x 80cm(H). :-)

cyanwater said...
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ken lee said...

Awesome piece!

adeline said...

awesome sauce ;-)