Thursday, March 12, 2009


Having a slightly surreal moment... :)


twisstii said...

nice expressive the howling one. the wolve on the top left is rather mini :D

Zid said...

Lines look interesting! Is there any significance on why you chose to have the wolves coming out from the guy? Just curious :D

Mr.B said...

Coolss Nice Composition! The only critic i have is da paw on the guys head. Maybe u can overlay the penciling with a gradient of orange tint, play around with some effects : )

zeropointfive said...

heya guys :)

the wolves were kind of surrounding him from behind. I originally had him look frightened but for some reason i put a smile on him and it clicked more for me.

I wanted to play with the idea of the wolves seemingly at different distances until you see the paw on his head and realize they are all of different sizes and right by him.

But to answer your question, he is kind of becoming one with the wolves.

Thanks B, sounds interesting! maybe i'll recycle this for another illust and try that effect :) cheers!

Bella said...

your pencils are sick bro..
foreshortening of his right arm is strange and so is the wolf on the right of his head's muzzle. otherwise its got a great composition :D