Thursday, January 03, 2008


Hey Guys,

For the first time in Asia!

Imaginary Friends Studios, MDA (Singapore) and Singapore Polytechnic presents:

COMICS-TO-FILM - An exclusive Seminar and Workshop by BARRY LEVINE, Hollywood Producer/Publisher

Can you be the next Frank Miller or Neil Gaiman and create stories for comics and film? Find out how they do it in the seminar and have the rare opportunity in the Pitch Workshop to pitch your story ideas to Comics Publisher /Film Producer Barry Levine (formerly from Dark Horse Comics). Levine has already helped Singapore creators at Imaginary Friends Studios work with Hollywood and Comics names such as Vin Diesel, Peter Berg, Yoshitaka Amano, Johnny Depp, John Woo and many more. Now you can learn the secrets of what the industry is looking out for, how to get published and how to get noticed by Hollywood.

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