Friday, January 25, 2008

wake up, sophie black doll.

She has been sleeping in my storeroom for a long time. Few days ago, I took her out and I realised that she is still a pretty baby! I had fun styling and shooting her with the great help by RenJie Teo. ('u')


drewscape said...

wow so stylish. and i love the colours. how did you make your doll stand? how did you put it together?

ken lee said...

crazyloving this! the mood, the character, the styling, its all work together! is that the double mirror reflecting(1st one)?? so nice! love the bird looking at sleeping sophie, wondering what's in her dream...

adeline said...

very very pretty <3

sokkuan said...

Hey Andrew/Ken/Adeline,

We used wire to tie around her waist and hang her up, then I retouch away the wire and adjusted the colour to give it a bit nostalgic but fresh look. I got RenJie Teo to shoot this in his studio properly (with lighting etc). Yes, we used double mirror reflection. I am happy that you guys like it! yay... ('u')

pins said...

wow sok kuan,
this sophie black doll is really cool.
it has a dark edge to it and
it's really really beautiful.
i like the set up of the second piece with the bird and the grass. the clouds add to the dreamy feel to it. not only is the doll nice i think the photography and all makes this a real nice print
that could be framed up as an art piece.
great collaboration. good to see art in 3d as well.


sokkuan said...

Hey Pins, glad to hear that you like this! thank you!!! ('u')