Tuesday, January 22, 2008

pepper arty

2nd tribute for pepper. Hope y'all digg.


drewscape said...

nice. i like the colours and textures. almost looks like a kimono pepper but with a modern style twist.

kuanth said...

for me. this is your best work ever. it's in between fine art, futuristic and realistic. and it has a very strong style for fashion illo as well. what else can i say? and the expression on the face was good too.
gosh! i love this sooo much.

AG said...

i've dug right to the other side of the universe.

love it!

ken lee said...

this one is cool too!!!

Mr.B said...

Thks for all da kind words guys! :D
Will definately try to explore more!

Thks kuanth, hey if u dun mind, could we exchange prints? I could frame it :)

kuanth said...

sure. which one u want from me?:)