Sunday, June 08, 2008

Gary Baseman Interview @ Fecal Face

Gary Baseman is a hero and welcome relief for those who don't dig/ draw like Audrey Kawasaki, James Jean or Takehiko Inoue. Its full of mojo, cute, colourful, irreverent, in your face and it brings a manic smile to my face when I look at his stuff.

Love the part where he describes his process-
"Describe your process of creating a new piece-
I dream. I draw. And I draw again. Then I draw again and again. And I see what stays with me. What gives me meaning. Then I start creating a body of work. Does that make sense?"

Fecal Face - Gary Baseman Interview

Any Baseman fans in OIC?? :D


andyyang said...

me! me! me! he is one of the first artists to be feature on the first few issues of JUXTAPOZ magazine. multi time D&AD award winner.

F L E E said...

i followed his career and i watched his cartoons too!
Rawck on Baseman!