Sunday, June 15, 2008


Sorry for not going to the OIC event, guys. Been kind of tie up with some freelance job recently. T_T Here is some blood and killing for my apology. Muahahahahaha...~ :P The intention for this piece is more to practise color and lighting, so.~ alot of the thing is just random doodle. Feel free to comment. :)


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

How long does it take??

Looks amazing to me- the lighting is too nice for a killing scene! :D

drewscape said...

hey its very cool. i like the dramatic feel you managed to capture in this scene. wish you cld give us some tips on how to do something like this sometime. wat are at least 3 points to pay attention to?

Torei said...

3 points. Hmhmhm.~~ Maybe i can try to write out a short, hmhmhm.~ mental notes i take when i'm doing or painting stuff like this? This may take a while cos i'm kind of tie up recently. :) Thanks for the kind comment.