Sunday, June 22, 2008

oic scavenger sketch- fav shoes

Black leather high cut converse shoes. Wanted them after seeing them in i-robot. They were rare antique shoes in the future in that movie. Resisted the longest time to get these shoes. And when i finally wanted to get them, they were all sold out arnd singapore. But i managed to find one last pair at peninsula. They aren't shipping these in anymore apparently! (Drawing done with signo pen and zig brush pens.)


bella said...

if them kicks are gonna be extinct,

and the Audi RSQ (the smexy car in I Robot) is commerically out this year...

...subservient robots are so gonna be in. :O the future is here!

anyway i dig yer work on the texture of the fabric... lends some sorta grittiness to those shoes i also like!

ken lee said...

like the detail of the shoe lace! and the softness of the canvas!

my other favourite shoes too, wont go wrong with jeans!