Saturday, September 27, 2008

one canceled job

Job that I did with SK few months back.
It's canceled, but it was quite fun to do!

p/s: but these wasn't the original composition.


不娃娃 Buwawa said...

looks fun. like it ^^

Parka said...

Woah. This looks too good to be cancelled.

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Wow!! Very nice I like!!

I think more itsy quirky bits in some pieces is required. It has a slight Kozy & Dan feel to it! You 2 really synergize well!!

Please submit for some awards :D

pins said...

great composition and wonderful colors.
very interesting elements
and characters in all of them.
the bkgrnd photographs are fantastic as well.
(was it taken by you guys or stock?)

agree with the slight kozy n dan feel.
this is truly one of the best posts seen here so far.

well done!

drewscape said...

i like the small surprising elements on the characters. so fun!

ken lee said...

wow! love the 2nd piece!

dominique said...

wow...its a shame they cancelled this.

Mr.B said...

power power

Amanda said...

so cool!

siew said...

these are really great.