Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rose and lime

Cropped image of a work in progress. Acrylic on canvas.


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Nice nice- I love the whole feel of it. Very melancholic.

But did u shoot the photo straight on?
The eyes seems alittle not aligned here.

Not a biggy - I always have this problem too with straight on faces. I think as long as the feel and intent is right- we have some artistic license to "humanise" them.

Looking fwd to seeing the whole painting! Your enthusiasm is amazing! We must try to catch up :D

moodytwoshoes said...

Thanks, Mike. There was some distortion with the way I shot the picture, but yes, it's not really passing the mirror test! Will be correcting it and will post the finished picture...*will work hard* :)

zeropointfive said...

Actually i love that it's not mathemathically symmetrical, i think that's what gives it its own unique charm instead of being another cookie-cutter entirely realistic piece!

The unevenness of the eyes stands out to me immediately but i seriously thought it was deliberate lor :D why not let let it be and accept that it's an artistic statement of your style? Beauty lies in imperfection :D

nice rendering! Very striking yellow heh

sokkuan said...

I like the look of this girl. wonder what she is thinking. she looks calm but somehow a bit lost. a paintng with soul. i like! ('u')

ken lee said...

liking it already! looking forward to see the finish one!!

the hand that pens this: said...

I love the way the eyes pierce through to your soul...they are so honest and pure.

Can you do me too? Not in that way....but you know what I mean.

Email me at

Thank you!