Monday, April 20, 2009


We start off Monday with a new weekly installment – ASK AN ARTIST

This week Mike (aka The Chairman) interviews Zid about his experience at the OIC-Portrait Day event

What do you look forward to at "PORTRAIT DAY"?

For me, it's the diverse participants for portraiture and ultimately able to see how different artists work.

The former is the excitement when you see facial features that really challenge your “eye-brain-hand” coordination. The latter is relatively a reason for me to engage in the discourse of influencing and be influenced in my creative process. Finally the chicks... Hey at least I'm honest about it.

How do you make your session fruitful?

By having my drawings sold! Hehe, naw, by being able to capture likeness within the given time slot, and having satisfying results by means of visually significant output.

What is your absolute fave tool at the sessions?

I'm more of a "use whatever you have at that moment" if not "use the cheapest most crappiest tool and make the best out of it" kind of artist. A ballpoint pen would do for the base lines and I'd just use anything I can find in my pencil case for finishing touches then and there. Dried markers, highlighters, correction pen, magic pen, name it. No particular favourite.

What have you seen or learn from a fellow OICnik at such sessions?

That you guys are elite and carry fancy tools! Which is awesome, made me feel like a cheapskate! I'm amazed at how you guys can capture likeness and stay focused doing it the whole day. At some point in every session when I zone out, the results are always uneasy to my eyes.

Your favourite style of portraits or favourite portrait drawing of the moment.

Of course, Kent Williams' all the time! (Attached) and also check this link


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Thanks Flee :) Good job ! Thx!

Zid is an amazing artist to watch when he is working on his drawing, you guys should have seen the drawings he did last Sat. He chews up 3-5mins pose with ease while we r struggling :D.

drewscape said...

thanks for sharing. It's nice to hear that.

twisstii said...

yeah, we were struggling. man ... interesting interview. thanks ! :)

sokkuan said...

in this sketch, you got very really cool style showing here! i like the way she looks, her eyes are power!