Sunday, April 05, 2009

Portrait Day in Melbourne

Froze me fingers off today @ St Kilda Beach drawing portraits on the streets. :P Luckily nobody came to chase me away. Payment was voluntary, and up to the individual.

These girls paid in hugs + kisses + candy.


andyyang said...

Hey Hey!!! Portrait Day going international. Very good initiative. Good job! :-)

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Nice!!! Any more pixs ? show ur booth area please! :D

Pls don't spoil market- charge something to make it worthwhile ok?? :D

F L E E said...

TAKE THE MONEY and lets go fish and chips!
Man! i so wanna join you!

AG said...

andy: thanks! it was fun! :D

boss: haaaa~~~ most aussie are very fair-minded, so they pay quite a bit for the drawings. XD

flee-sama: eheheh... i was just opposite CLAMMS. was watching people eat fish n chips the whole day. :X

Dawn Tan said...

The fish and chips at clamms not bad.. Haha.. we should do portrait day together in Australia. LOL