Monday, April 06, 2009


I've managed to set up individual pages for my online comics today:

Retrojak is now online, and it's in English! Now you can read the series including issue #2 that was not published in 2005.

Intipati has it's own site now, too! I hope you'll find these comics if not that great, at least amusing to read :)


cherie the mrrr said...

intipati is awesomely gorgeous. i love that its wordless, and i cant wait to see the rest of the story.

Bella said...

retrojak is so fun, wish there was an ending!!

Don Low said...

Wow... this is just so cool! I like the look of Retrojak!

hey are you going to be at the Comic Con in San Diego??

zeropointfive said...

Nice work on Retrojak! *bows* wow the commitment u put to pumping out the pages is amazing! Too bad it was discontinued, but glad it lives on as an online comic!

Will check out the serialized Intipati another time. One day of Zid is very filling lol! I love the random inside pop culture jokes heh

Zid said...

Thank you, I hope I'll find the time to do it more often than I have. I wanted it to have some captions with super atas poetry but I guess I'll keep it silent now!

Yeah I still have the script in the backburner. It was meant to be ongoing but publication stopped after I moved to SG to work full time hehe.

Don Low:
With the current economic situation I just cancelled my trip, man. Le Sighhhh! Maybe next year :(

Hahah the translation has pros and cons, though. Some of the dialogues lose their bite in English, while some became even more hilarious. Thanks for reading it!

dominique said...

These are great! Especially Retrojak, love the look.

hey Don, are you going San Diego?