Sunday, April 26, 2009

kill bill ==


mindflyer 小飞人 said...

Nice colours n dramatic effect but detailing is shoddy.

You should pay more attention to your vector work.

F L E E said...

I think the tiger is a great item accompany Uma / Chiaki(?). I think you can add fine white whiskers to enhance the look (Because it looked unfinished). Hmm.. and the hands.. i dont know... Do pay attention to the structure of the face as well, because the expression will set the mood for the piece.

The second piece interesting as well. However, could bring out the chains attaching the Flail more though, cos it seems lost in the purple BG. And also the gloved hands seems lost among the details as well (which is a pity).

I am glad that people continuously post up work here because OIC is a site that we can comment honestly and straight forward because we are not lay-men to this field. This site enable us to share techniques and experience among others with passion of illustration.

sokkuan said...

i like the purple one! while the yellow one... attention to details is a bit weak. (hands/fingers) and proportion too. but nice style! more please!
(' u ')