Wednesday, January 03, 2007

becos i love you.

this was done for my cousin's wedding
a last page of a slide show during the dinner.
i use the title "becos i love you."
cos u can run away from any tricky situation
from your loved ones with this line.
"why did you forget my bdae?"
-becos i love you.
"why did you buy me tt ugly action figure as a gift?"
-becos i love you.
"why did you eat my cat?"
-becos i love you....r cat.

hmmm an early valentine's gift to everyone!
inspired by mitsuru adachi of "touch"
something diffn as my subject matter usually's
about warriors soldiers and samurais...
time to go to the sensitive side!


F L E E said...

You know i'm trying very hard not to tease you, cos i know whats going on recently. BUT i'm not gonna. Pins san, its a very nice refreshing change (like you said) from samurais and vikings. Hope to see more of your drawings in different genres...(pat on the shoulder)

sokkuan said...

are u in love???