Wednesday, January 10, 2007

hello hello!

thanks for the invite! :D and hello to everybody here. just wanna share some of the illustrations that xin did for our small shop for valentine's day. this series is called 'Pleased to Meet You' and is a series of 9 illustrations. these are ink and graphite on paper. just some samples here:

oh yeah the characters are all wearing maki squarepatch creations, ha :)


sokkuan said...
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sokkuan said...

wah wah wah!!!!!!!! maki! i love your work! very raw very pure very happy! look forward to your next post! ('u')

andyyang said...

i have to agree on sokkuan's comments. it's good to see someone drawing from the heart. i t really gives soul and life to your drawings. i can really feel the raw energy coming through. keep it up.

F L E E said...

i love the bags and the pirate dolls!
i will get myself one once you guys start selling at MAAD again!
Great showcase on Channel U too!
Welcome to the blog!

mindflyer 小飞人 said...

I really like the "feel" of your illustrations.

I hope more clients here will open up and commission more such work!! ( instead of the usual "safe" look )

Meanwhile- all of us here should do more and pursue our own "voice" and encourage others along the way!!

maki ♥ squarepatch said...

Dear Flee, thank you for your invite to this wonderful council, and to all, your encouragements and wonderful comments! -xin, stitchy of maki squarepatch

eeshaun said...

hee hee xin u finally came onto the blog!! yayy!! :) i still have your cool illustration with me!