Thursday, January 18, 2007

sergeant love

sketch practice of the day.
a bunch of rebel militias,
and one of em' has got a hidden agenda!


drewscape said...

Very nice Pins. The metallic texture comes off well. Mood is right. And i like the speed light from the eyes. No bad comments.

F L E E said... mercenary soldiers!!! there something you wanna tell me? (hahahaah) anyways...
HUGE improve on the lighting!
Well done.
Dont give up...practice on your figure drawing still ok?

sei-ji rakugaki said...

mmm..the colors looked really muddy and "dirty", and there is no color values at all. it would be better if you work out the color value, decide where you want the light source to be. ganbatte!;)

from pamm! said...

reminds me of a sci-fi movie i caught, i think it's called "science fiction" in 2002. good!