Thursday, July 26, 2007

maki squarepatch: HELLO ECO!

hello friends! you are INVITED to our opening party! all party details can be seen below. kindly RSVP by 27 July 2007 so that we can prepare enough food and drinks for all :) bring your friends along!

What you can expect in our shop/gallery:

* labels like Maki Squarepatch (of course!), Shortcircuit, Nitty Gritty, Jueru, Little Red Dots and more. People who are independent designers and/or eco-conscious like us! Support your local eco-shopping scene.
* wares include: vintage/deadstock apparel, jewelry, bags, homeware like lamps and cushions. Come and inspire and be inspired!
* a new artist to be featured at our gallery every monthly. we like to try out different mediums so expect the unexpected!
* limited free parking lots right at our shop front

because we're only gonna be here for a good 6 - 8 months (call it a maki experiment), do pop by as often as possible and chitchat with us :)

see you at the party! :)

Love, Enqi & Xin


drewscape said...

congrats on your new store!

F L E E said...

i think i go disturb people at AKIRA restaurant with your toys.