Tuesday, July 17, 2007

space travel

a vertical take-off spacecraft with
twistable turbo jet nozzle! that's all you
need to venture in space!

brought back the ship from
rejected bin and do a
color practice. hoping
to keep her alive...

pen + photoshop


drewscape said...

woo! excellent lighting and strokes. very nice visual. i see you put your genome workshop tutorials to good use.

zeropointfive said...

I think the spaceship design could be more exciting, but it's a great rendering job :)

very "Star Wars conceptual drawing" style heh

sokkuan said...

very nice rendering! i like those scratch lines! how u do it one?

kuanth said...

very nice details.

OneTwoDelta said...

Excellent rendering, reminds me of those 'Osbourne's Illustrative books'.

ken lee said...

thanks for the loves guys!
ya, gnomon workshop technic indeed.

apply base color for the ship. create new layer and paint the scratch massively then erase the part where
dont need. flatten the layer. thats how i do the scratch.