Wednesday, July 11, 2007

OIC July 08 was smashing!!

Big thank you to all the patrons who bought our doodles and sketches. We sold a total of 60 pieces!!! Amazing!!

Thanks to:
1. Our fellow MAAD "neigbours" who help us by supplying plastic bags for oversize drawings - you know who u are :)
( pls OIC people- can we stick to A4 size??!! )
2. 15 artists who took part too and esp those who who stayed back for dinner.
3. Steph and Fei for taking photos
4. Those who helped us out when we were disorganised!!
5. MAAD - esp Shanon- our part time "PIMP" and da beer!!!
6. "Little Foot" for the super rich and yummy chocolate cake!!

And for those who sign up but never appeared- tsk tsk - you miss all the fun!!

OIC@MAAD August and September is on for sure- don't miss it!!


ken lee said...

cow! i sure missed lotsa fun! cool!

drewscape said...

yep it was lots of fun. And the food at kokseng at the end was great too!

F L E E said...

Odd paper size?
What odd size? (shifty eyes).
It was loads of fun, helped me to pay for my KokSeng dinner and top up my Transitlink card.

eric foo said...

I miss prawn sauce chicken!!!! ^^

maki ♥ squarepatch said...

xin (i am only the pimp's messanger :D)

" PIMPy chairman mindflyer, u call me PIMP! next month I send hungry n bobby to "take care" of you! mua hahaha

MAAD is delighted to have OIC family!

da MAAD one "

*manda said...

i cant wait for the next one!!!

and i loved the toufu oooh... *dreams and salivates*

zeropointfive said...

damn my transit link card needs topping up too...

had to chiong project weekend la, maybe next time :)


Don Low said...

It looked like a lot of fun... I wish I am there.