Wednesday, September 12, 2007


a big fan of dragonball z so here's a fan art.
i remember as a kid i would anticipate
with excitement every issue of the comic especially
when the z warriors were fighting cell and when magin bu
first came out, we had such a good laugh
only to realise how powerful tt lard bucket was.

hope you know who the bird symbolise.
this image was inspired by
1 of the paintings of the great jeff jones.

experimenting with colors.
for piccolo the highlights i used orange and the shadows blue.
as we all know piccolo is green.
hope i didn't screw up this piece tho.
C.C welcome as usual.

i wish to learn.
: )


zeropointfive said...

Ha-Mei Ha-mei HAAAAA!!! :D

ken lee said...

haha! this reminded me back to those school days!

pins said...

i also want to go back to my old school days.
and draw and paint so that i dont suck
this bad now!!! ahhh!!!
haha : )