Thursday, September 20, 2007

tribute to MAGNOLIUS

MAGNOLIUS Art contest entry. Based on Destrjoy!. To listen click here. First time painting a gasmask. Kinda like how things turned out for this piece. Didn't win the contest, but i really did enjoy the process of doing this piece. Hope y'all dig!


pins said...

reminds me of the kaiman!
gas gas gas gas gas gas gas gas gas!!!

drewscape said...

it's interesting how you move from b/w to colour. won't that make the colours quite monocromatic?

Mr.B said...

pins- lol, yup THE KAIMAN

Drew- yup to a certain extent. The next step after b/w i usually add a gradient map and play with the color settings. Then add a overlay layer to add additional colors. Hope it helps : )