Sunday, September 16, 2007


kamen rider one of my favourite heroes of the 80's!
here's a fan art of the upcoming v3.
kamen rider the next!
can't wait!
C.C welcome!
(btw the quote above is by Friedrich Nietzsche)

click here for work in progress..

i hope to use this post as a start of a theme for an illsn series
to any illustrator out there on OIC who's interested.
no deadlines no restrictions! just draw what you like!
so the theme would be "heroes of the 80's!"
be it from he-man, superman, aquaman or david letterman
feel free to submit any artwork of heroes from the 80's that touched your heart.
remember bravestar, gi joe, visionaries, starcom, the A-team?
anything from the 80's cartoons or popular culture.

ladies do not be overwhelmed by all the steroid driven heroes
there's also my little pony, jem, care bears and well... care bears.
let your imagination flow!!!

here's something that will get your imagination going!

cobra island rave.

happy drawing people!


kuanth said...

hi pins, i think there's improvement in this piece compared with your previous posts. actually i have seen most of your posts, somehow the feeling for me is rather too strong on "photoshop rendering", maybe you can explore on other brushes in photoshop as well, like natural brushes or so, to make it more natural looking.

and, perhaps u can add another layer of color on top of your final artwork, and adjust on "multiply" "screen" "overlay".... so that your color will look more like a piece.

keep it up!:)

drewscape said...

haha nice idea on the theme!

your figure has some problems with the arms. looks too straight and stiff. maybe you are using your right brain too much. try thinking everything in shapes and lines instead of an arm or head or leg. that way, you will get the shape better.

F L E E said...

Eh, tell you...
This is what i call improvement lah.
Trust me things can only get better.
Try and try... deal with things slowly but never give up...Forms, lightings, texture.. slowly... practice paves proficiency.
Good effort!

pins said...

oh thank you maaaasterssss!
will keep pushing!
(rubs hands in a schemeing manner...
mmmmussst do moreeee....)

: )

kuanth said...

must do it right, not "doing more".:P

Mr.B said...

Yup agree with kuath. Don't be eager to do a "finished" piece. Do some study pieces (maybe some body poses in BnW) : ) Gogogo!

zeropointfive said...

Hahaha nice one!

eh shouldn't stereotype girls leh, some girls i know play transformers too :p

Soul Twister dot com said...

whoa this one is power!

i think i like this most amongst all your fan-art entries.

still waiting for daredevil! :)

pins said...

thanks for the comment bro,

will do a daredevil soon.
but gotta get my forms and anatomy right first.